Antique and Vintage Furniture - Recycled, Eco-Friendly and Green

Mattress Recycling
Experiencing antique and vintage furniture has a very positive relation to the environment. Recycling treasures through the past for our lifestyle today doesn't only save landfill space and also has many other positive "green" effects on our planet.

Mattress Recycling
Recycling vintage furniture saves trees, and breathes new life into beautiful old wood. A lot of the finest old growth hardwood was already cut down, and made into furniture in the past. Refurbishing these irreplaceable pieces substitutes for more decimating of more prime mature hardwood trees in endangered forests.

Most new furniture contains particle board. The powerful synthetic glues that bind the sawdust into man-made "wood" release formaldehyde and other chemical vapors to the air we take a breath our homes and offices for many years.

Recent advances in varnish stripping chemicals have ended in finish removal methods which are vastly safer and gentler. Many antiques are refinished using water finishes, much better to the environment than traditional petroleum based lacquers and solvents, many consideration to contain carcinogens. And also this makes for healthier working conditions for refinishers.

"Nothing is really dangerous as being too modern. One is apt to grow old-fashioned quite suddenly." noted Oscar Wilde. Beyond the charm and beauty of old furniture, antiques tend to be much less expensive than new. An additional is the positive feeling that accompanies improving the environment. The same satisfaction which will come from rehabbing old buildings is sold with adapting an antique piece to today's lifestyle.

"The first half our lives is ruined by our parents, and also the second half by our children," said Clarence Darrow. Nevertheless, it's a good feeling to understand that your antique furniture can someday be restored and reused by generations to come. It is a pleasure to find out historic things serve us inside our daily lives, reflecting the changing times and lives of their previous owners, and if you know they will survive to embellish the lives of other people in the future. This is the real concept of heirlooms, and the recycling aspect has become critical to preserve life to be sure it on our fragile earth.

Discussion and controversy over purchasing pollution and climatic change will continue, but enjoying and experiencing antiques is a simple and positive ecological decision. As Friedrich Engels said, "An ounce of action will be worth a ton of theory."